Terms & Conditions

Image Copyright Policy:
All images and contents sent to Clippers Web (CW) by clients are treated as the clients’ property. We never claim ownership to any images that are submitted through any transmission channels including, but not limited to, cloud storage, email or FTP account.

We do not expose your images to search engines or any other discovery methods. We use secured cloud servers and FTP accounts for exchanging image files. We even have strict file sharing protocol within our office, which allows us to block image transfers from our employees also. Therefore, your images are solely used in-house with strict controlling measures.

Your images are very much safe with us. However, if we need to use any or part of your image as portfolio, we will never post it without your prior consent.

Payment Methods:
Clippers Web accepts payments via PayPal, MasterCard, Visa card, bank transfers & all major credits cards supported by PayPal.

Refund Policy:
If a client is not happy with the service, he/she can claim his/her money back within 2 weeks. We will transfer the whole amount to the client’s bank account or any other payment option preferred by the client. Clippers Web will not be responsible for anything after 2 weeks of any service has been delivered. For refund please email us at info@clippersweb.com.

Quality Guarantee:
Clippers Web strives to provide services of the very highest quality. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the results, we will make reasonable corrections and amendment as necessary without additional charge. CW reserves the right not to make amendments if the error is the result of poor communication on the part of the Client. Any amendments made as part of our quality guarantee are without prejudice to CW.

File Storage Policy:
We keep backups of the old done/raw files for two months. After two months our backup server automatically deletes the old files. If a customer needs his image files, he must notify us within these 2 months. Only then we can re-upload those image files.

Email Policy:
Clippers Web will not sell or reveal your emails to anyone third-party unless authorized by the visitor. In case of advertising to specific email list, we may use your email and other contact information. But, most of the places we host your emails and contact information for Online Advertisement are safe and secured.

CW does not send “junk” e-mail, also known as “spam”. In certain instances, when CW wishes to contact customers via e-mail, respond to messages, confirm purchases, or transmit information requested by a visitor, CW will use e-mail.

When a customer or visitor receives an e-mail which s\he does not want from CW, the customer always can opt-out from getting further e-mails. Please contact us at info@clippersweb.com for this.

Cookies Policy:
Clippers Web (CW) values the privacy of its customers and business partners and is dedicated to abiding by all laws pertaining to the protection of personal data. We use cookies to provide better user experience for web elements and resources. Without cookies, some functions of the site may not work properly, e.g. showing custom banners, offers, and videos.

Cookies are small files sent from our server to your browser. Cookies are transmitted back unaltered by your browser each time our server is accessed. The data is used for accumulating user selections and follow user trends and search footprints. Cookies do not identify you. CW does not and cannot utilize cookies to recover particularly identifiable data except if willingly supplied by our visitors. Neither can we acquire data from your hard drive or transmit computer virus. Cookies also maintain the visitor’s identity while at our web site based on your online behavior. Most browsers opt-in to cookies automatically, but you can alter the settings of your browser to prevent automatic opt-in.

CW also uses cookies to deliver advertising messages and custom offers on other relevant websites. Since, we do not spam your e-mail, it helps us to reach you with our custom messages and offers through online advertisement. Clients can opt out of our offers and decline cookies at any time.

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